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Ava James is an avid writer and reader of everything romance. She lives near the 'Gateway to the West' with her husband, their englsih bulldog, and their two cats. Marrying her highschool sweetheart, she is a hopeless romanctic -Can't you tell already? 

Why did I start writing? 

When I was little I would draw and write stories all the time. As I continued my education, my hobby took a back seat. Then, once I graduated college, and my spare time was no longer filled with innocuous books, I began to read romance novels. One day I came to the point that the library had nothing more to offer me in my genre, and I decided to start writing on my own. I earned a Master's degree, so shouldn't I be able to write something of worth? And here I am.

My Favorite Book?      

Pride and Prejudice (I Love Mr. Darcy!) It was the first romance novel I ever read and since then I can not stop.

My Favorite Movie?     

Pride and Prejudice the BBC Miniseries - Really I love so many movies that this question isn't fair. My favorite Saga is Star Wars- bet you didn't see that coming! Han Solo is my favorite scoundrel. Then there is Monty Python and the Holy Grail taking Best Comedy with Dismemberment. I could go on and on so I am going to stop there.

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